A Masterclass by Simon Lee - Coach to World-class Performers
3 Steps To Spark Your Motivation And Take Action... No Matter How Stuck You Are
Take Charge,  Be Inspired And Get Life Moving
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In this FREE 30 minute masterclass you are going to:
  • Instantly get out of the rut and back into action in 3 easy steps
  • Discover the one key factor that stops you from feeling inspired and motivated
  • Gain the power to quickly motivate yourself no matter how stuck or frustrated you feel
  • Make something happen right after you take the class (P.S. a special bonus is waiting for you)
  • Get a FREE Interactive Workbook for this class

Meet Your Guide

Simon Lee

Meet Your Guide

Simon Lee
As Lifehack's chief content architect, Simon has spent over a decade developing the ideas and skills behind the success of thousands of Lifehack readers.
Want to experience how instant change can be?

Simon's specialty is taking complicated topics and making them simple and easy. 

Join this webinar if you would like to get access to hours of free Lifehack content and expand your mind today!

This Class Has Helped Over 2,500 Students Get Out Of Their Rut...

Georgia F.
"Motivating myself has always been a huge  challenge. I never knew it could be so simple..."
Jacob T.
"What an insightful class!.. I love the analogy about going to the bathroom. It was like a lightbulb just lit up in my mind. Now I know that I'm in charge. 
Barbara L.
"I was afraid this was going to be just another class with lots of hype and no substance. I'm glad to say that I was happily surprised. The first time I've taken a motivation class that teaches something PRACTICAL..."
Treat yourself to a session for personal growth
Reserve focused, quiet time with no distractions for yourself
Download the free interactive workbook to get the most out of the class
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