A Masterclass by Simon Lee - Coach to World-class Performers
How to Break Your Procrastination Loop
And WIN BACK 45 Lost Days A Year
Reach Goals, Finish Projects And Do MORE With Your Life
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In this FREE 30 minute masterclass you are going to:
  • STOP procrastinating and START reaching your goals
  • 5 Hacks to snap out of your procrastination rut and get things done
  • Identify your procrastination personality (and find out what's actually holding you back)
  • Win back lost time and do the things you really want to do
  • Make something happen right after you take the class (P.S. we have a gift waiting for you)
  • Get a FREE Interactive Workbook for this class

Meet Your Guide

Simon Lee

Meet Your Guide

Simon Lee
As Lifehack's chief content architect, Simon has spent over a decade developing the ideas and skills behind the success of thousands of Lifehack readers.
Want to experience how instant change can be?

Simon's specialty is taking complicated topics and making them simple and easy. 

Join this webinar if you would like to get access to hours of free Lifehack content and expand your mind today!

This Class Has Helped Over 3,000 Students Overcome Procrastination...

Jessie G.
"This really works. I've never approached procrastination from this angle before and now I finally get why other methods never worked. Thank you so much! "
Chris L.
"This class helped me get I'm back on track. I've been procrastinating on starting a side business for months now, and I'm finally seeing the light. Turns out I'm a 'crisis junkie' ... "
Sakina L.
"Loved the class! So much structured information on procrastination and totally relatable! Thank you so much!"
Treat yourself to a session for personal growth
Reserve focused, quiet time with no distractions for yourself
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