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Mark Sotiropoulos - Craftsman

The COVID-19 crisis hit my business hard, and I struggled for months to get back on my feet. I had some time to re-explore my life and what I really wanted.

A friend suggested the Full Life Framework, and I was hooked immediately. The book is great, but this course brings everything to life

It makes everything really simple, which is what I need in my life right now.

Rachel Deschamps - Financial Controller

“It all started when I read an article “14 Things Women in Their 50s Say They Would Do Differently”. It completely struck me that I was quickly nearing that milestone.

I’m a career woman and a mother of 4, so you can guess how crazy 
my schedule is. The Full Life Framework Course came at a time when I really needed it, helping me pause, rethink, and realign my life to what’s really important.

This is honestly one of the best 5 days I’ve ever spent.

Robert Randal 
Graduate Student

Got gifted this course by my brother (who's a huge fan of Lifehack by the way). Honestly one of the best present he ever gave me. You made me a fan. Cheers.
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