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Take 15 full days to go through the whole program. If you don't make any actionable breakthroughs at all, nothing changes and you show me you've practiced the skills - you'll get a full refund on the program and get all your money back.

Shauna Ferguson - Registered Nurse

In 3 weeks I went from being terrified of the gym to making it a part of my weekly routine. In this program, mindset is what matters most and Make It Happen gives you the tools you need shift your mindset and make your goal happen.

Danny Franko - Software Engineer

Been through countless motivational videos, workshops, and seminars. Most of them are all talk and focus on hype and heat of the moment emotions that wear out soon after. Make it Happen is the only program that's actually practical and works. Points logically laid out, actions that are easy to practice.
If you're like me who's looking for something more that really works in real life then this program is for you.

Jane Esman - Entrepreneur

I'm so glad I joined the program! Not only did I set out a complete plan of action for reaching my goal, but I understand the exact areas I still need to improve upon so I can continue to make progress and set more goals.
This program was the kick in the pants I needed to get started!
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© 2023 LifeHack · Privacy Policy