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Hi there, I'm Leon Ho, founder and CEO of LifeHack, and I'm here to share my journey to help you balance success and personal fulfillment. If you're goal-driven, ambitious, and open to guidance, this is for you.

I created these books based on my own experiences, mistakes, and hard work. When I built LifeHack, I faced challenges that caused imbalance in my life. Success in one area came at the expense of others, leaving me overwhelmed and unhappy.

Realizing this, I developed the Full Life Framework — a roadmap for setting and achieving goals while maintaining life balance. It's a unique approach where each life aspect supports the others, creating harmony and satisfaction.

Learn from my experiences and create the balanced, successful life you deserve.
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Inside the Bundle

Achieving goals and maintaining life balance become possible when you harmonize and utilize all aspects of your life

#1: The Full Life Framework Essential Guide

190+ pages, Physical book retails for US$24.95 on Amazon
  • The story of LifeHack and why this The Full Life Framework works
  • Why hitting goals and living in balance boils down to mindset
  • ​How obstacles and adversity can actually help you
  • ​How to succeed WITHOUT sacrificing other aspects of your life
  • ​The one thing you need to make a habit
  • ​Determine your Life Missions and why you can’t ignore them
  • ​Connect your Life Missions to the 6 Life Aspects
  • ​Why it’s bad for you to stay in your comfort zone
  • ​How to attain and maintain a "progress mindset"
  • ​What S.M.A.R.T. goals are and how to write effective ones
  • ​The right way to evaluate success and failure
  • ​And much more ...

#2: The Make it Happen Handbook

85-page workbook - Value $99
  • Uncover hidden thought patterns that drive your procrastination habits
  • Conquer avoidance behaviors and take back control of your life
  • ​Stop the guilt and helplessness and reclaim your self-confidence
  • ​Discover your inner motivation and learn how to ignite it on-demand
  • ​Learn the top 3 goal-killers and how to beat them systematically
  • ​Transform obstacles into lucrative opportunities
  • ​Make your momentum snowball automatically
  • ​Learn the “Energy First” formula
  • ​And much more ...

#3: The Actionable Motivation on Demand Handbook

66-page workbook - Value $99
  • Understand what drives you and the 3 Forces of Motivation
  • Discover targeted strategies to avoid demotivation
  • ​Find out what sparks your genuine drive and passion
  • Face down this major source of demotivation using new mindsets
  • Convert your newfound motivational energy into concrete goals
  • Set motivation into action with proven strategies
  • ​Turn external circumstances in your favor
  • ​Evolve your inner drive to generate motivation on demand
  • ​And much more ...

#4: The Learn Anything Fast Handbook

68-page workbook - Value $99
  • Discover the range of learning styles that fit your unique needs
  • Design your own system for learning
  • ​Use Feedback loops to create tangible progress with every action
  • Learn and use Spaced Repetition to enhance your memory
  • Discover the secrets behind motor (physical) and mental (mind) skills
  • Develop targeted strategies to optimize how you learn
  • ​And much more ...

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Exclusive Bonus Offerings to Enhance Your Experience and Accelerate Your Progress

Your Custom Life Assessment Report

  • Learn what the Full-Life Framework is all about
  • ​Breakdown your current life according to the 6 life aspects
  • Find out what areas of your life you want to change

The “Full Life Insights” Collection

  • Hear valuable experience on how to live a full and meaningful life
  • Learn timeless knowledge and wisdom from successful people
  • ​Learn motivation from people who are on the same path as you

Living a Full Life: Expert Interviews

  • Instant downloadable audio files for listening anytime, anywhere
  • 5 leading thinkers share their full-life philosophy in Q&A sessions
  • Insightful Lifehack interviews across different life aspects
  • ​Insights, tips and techniques you can use in your own success journey

50 Full Life Quotes

  • Inspirational quotes from people who embrace a full-life attitude
  • Quotes that cover all 6 life aspects
  • ​A daily dose of energy, motivation and insights

Your Roadmap for Attaining Success

Jumpstart a new way of thinking about achieving goals and living a well-rounded life

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15-day Money Back Guarantee
Our 15-day guarantee lets you check out this bundle completely risk free. But this content isn't magic. You have to take action! If you've followed the guides, tried applying the training and still don't get results within 15 days -just email us at support@lifehack.org and we'll give you a full refund.
Get The Full Life Framework: Ultimate Digital Ebook Bundle Plus Bonuses

You'll receive the everything today for just $7.99 (over $500 in value), plus all of the bonuses included. Here's a recap of everything you'll receive:

 Full Life Framework: Essential Guide Book - Digital book with over 190 pages

 Make it Happen Handbook - 85-page workbook (Value $99)

 Actionable Motivation on Demand Handbook - 66-page workbook (Value $99)

 Learn Anything Fast Handbook - 68-page workbook (Value $99)

 Bonus #1: Life Assessment Exercise

 Bonus #2: The “Full Life Insights” Collection

 Bonus #3: Living a Full Life: Expert Interviews

 Bonus #4: 50 Full Life Quotes

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