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From: Leon Ho
Founder & CEO of Lifehack

To stay ahead of the curve today, you have to constantly upgrade your skills.

But time is limited. It's simply not practical to keep up through slow and traditional methods.

We're never truly taught how to learn in school (ironically). In fact, most people never get a chance to decode how their mind actually learns. 

You're someone who knows you're capable of much more than your current ability.

You're tired of being stuck with your current skillset with no time to upgrade yourself.

What if you had the confidence that you could learn anything you wanted? To never feel out of your depth, incapable or constrained again?

If you've every struggled with this problem, you deserve to have a learning skill for both now and the future.

Because the truth is, you have superior learning capacity that's unique to you.

I made Learn Anything Fast to teach you how to unlock your true learning ability.

Here's How Learning Became my Super Skill

People always ask me how I acquire new skills so quickly.

It's a skill that began as a vital necessity I needed to survive, and has evolved to become an essential skill that has taken my confidence and ability to new levels.

Believe it or not, Lifehack started as a one-man show. For it to survive, there were only two options for me: Either to grow or to give up.

That meant that I constantly needed to learn new skills and acquire new abilities no matter how far outside my comfort zone they were. And I needed to learn them quickly, because I couldn't rely on anyone else.

I didn't have enough time to take months of classes or courses.

I discovered how to break down the learning process into essential building blocks. and how to recombine them to create a personal learning system.

Learn Anything Fast is the culmination of over a decade of this knowledge and experience, packed into one step-by-step course.

Introducing the Learn Anything Fast Handbook

A Self-Driven Program to Smart And Efficient Learning On Your Own Terms

Start with Inspiration, End with Results ... And do it Systematically

The Full Life Planner is Lifehacks' ultimate planning system to get results across not just one, but all your core life aspects

It's 15 years of Lifehack's best practices and proven success formulas by top performers in a smart practical planner.

Meet your new companion who will program your life for success.

Step 1

Align Life Missions to Goals

Get clear goals and meaningful milestones that are aligned with what really matters --- your life missions.

Step 2

Gather Ideas and Transform them into Projects

Make a habit of accumulating your inspirations, desires, and ideas. Then turn them into actionable projects through our 3 Stage Ideas Process.

Step 3

Design Your Weekly Progress

Make things happen by designing your progress into each week with practical, achievable targets and tangible results.

Step 4

Snowball Your Success

Level up with week by week learning, and start experiencing exponential growth in multiple aspects of your life. Start experiencing consistent victories as the Full Life Planner transforms your success into a system.



Now for $19

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In this bonus training class, resident Lifehack Coach Ally Kramer will give you a crash course on how the Full Life Planner works.

Distilling years of experience into a short 30 min session, Ally will teach you step-by-step how you can integrate this powerful tool into your life and create tangible progress right away.

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What You'll Learn

How to Unlock Your Unique Super-Learning Potential

  Design and build your own learning system optimized for your needs
  Rapidly acquire new skills on demand with efficient learning methods
  Quickly master a new topic and ignore the noise by identifying key concepts
  Systematically internalize new skills and make them a part of you
  Learn with half the time and effort by mastering Feedback Loops
Explore the Curriculum
Introduction Module

Gain a fresh perspective on Learning as a skill and the immense potential that you can unlock through this 3 Stage training program.

MODULE 1: Create Your Learning Model

Design and Develop your Learning Framework

Understand the mechanism behind how your mind is wired to learn, and discover the range of learning styles that fit your unique needs. Use these building blocks to design your own system for learning.

MODULE 2: The Secrets of Rapid Learning

Tried and true methods to cut to the essentials and learn efficiently.

Master the Art of Feedback Loops

Discover the science and art behind Feedback Loops, the governing cycle behind all learning processes.

Progress Driven Learning

Decode and breakdown each step of the Feedback Loop to practice with purpose, creating tangible progress with each action you take.

MODULE 3: Fast Learning in Practice

Simple, practical, and proven learning methods that you can instantly put into practice.

Exercise Your Memory Muscle

Learn the science of Spaced Repetition to enhance your memory, and systematically internalize knowledge with proven techniques that don't rely on pure rote.

Motor and Mental Skill Mastery

Discover the secrets behind the two main types of skills: motor (physical) and mental (mind) skills. Decode how your brain handles both and develop targeted strategies to optimize how you learn each.

What Others Are Saying
Learn Anything Fast is the Key to Upgrading Yourself...

With this core life skill, you'll have such a strong inner drive that you'll always be looking for opportunities to direct this power.

And it's just the beginning of your amazing Self Empowerment journey.

After that, there's a whole world of incredible ways you can take that momentum to a new level. 

Order Now and Get These FREE Bonuses

BONUS #1: Sounds for Learning

  Incorporate powerful mindful meditation exercises to enhance memory retention
  Immerse yourself in a variety of calming sounds of nature
  Rest and recharge your mind with scientifically proven benefits

BONUS #2: "Boost Your Brainpower" Guide

  Instantly boost your brainpower with this guided exercise and worksheet
  Our 3 step method to declutter your brain and teach it how to organize information

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A Self-Driven Program to Smart And Efficient Learning On Your Own Terms

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  BONUS: "Boost Your Brainpower" Workbook (Value $39)


Now for $19

  100% safe and secure payment
Supports all major credit cards
The Full Life Planner Is Your First Step to a Focused Life...

When was the last time you felt truly focused?

With the Full Life Planner, you're going to feel what it means everyday.

You'll experience what it feels like to have momentum on your side... momentum that you created for yourself.

Because it's just the beginning of Self Empowerment.

After that, there's a whole world of incredible ways you can take that momentum to a new level

The Full Life Planner

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NOW for $19

  100% safe and secure payment
Supports all major credit cards

 Is this an online course? How will the program work?

The Learn Anything Fast Handbook is a self-guided digital workbook that you can download an get into right away. It's as simple as following the steps inside week by week, doing the exercises and practicing the methods, all at your own pace.

We also have a full training of this program with video lessons and coaching too - but this is not included with this Handbook.

 Will these skills work for me?

This program contains the condensed wisdom and knowledge of over a decade of Lifehack. These are practical methods that work in everyday life. And been proven time and again by thousands of readers who've only practiced one skill in this course. Imagine what you can achieve with them all!

 How soon will I start seeing results?

If you really, truly put this training into practice? You can start to see change right away.  Because we're not targeting just one-off change. We're want you to fundamentally change how you think... and that kind of change is lifelong. 


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