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Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals BY DOING LESS
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1,095 HRS IN THE YEAR 2021?

...or an average of 68 days (if we don't count sleeping)

If you'd like to change your job, open a business, get additional income, improve your life... you need TIME. 

The solution that most online coaches & motivation speakers offer you, is starting from scratch, leaving your job, and following your dreams... 

Doesn't this confuse you? 

Sure, it's easy to risk when you have nothing to lose. 

But what if you have family, credits, mortgage, responsibilities, and bills to pay? 

In that case, you cannot afford the luxury of turning your life upside down, losing the job, and betting your current income on an unpredictable future. 

In other words, you can't afford to lose all you have to focus your time, effort, and mind on ONE THING. 

(especially in these unpredictable times, if you know what I mean...)


How can you:

 retain the current lifestyle
 get more hours to take care of your body (sleep/meditation/health)
 spend time with your family
 build your business
 take additional projects
 INCREASE your income (in the next couple of months)


Seriously, is there any way to live and work as a self-made millionaire starting today? 

Let me show you how this works in practice... 

Leon Ho portrait

Hi, I'm Leon, CEO of Lifehack...

And The Reason I Built A Business That Serves Millions Of People Today, Is Because I Mastered LASER FOCUS. 

Lifehack started as a single person blog.

At that time, I was juggling a full-time job, my new family, and my dreams of running a world-known media brand. 

The problem was, with all the training I previously got and the bestseller books I read, I was 100% convinced that if you want to achieve greatness, you must suffer. 

Spoiler alert: you don't. But let me get to it.

Instead of being excited about the opening perspective, I was terrified

Maybe this is the question on top of your mind too.

"If you don't have enough time now, how are you going to find the extra 3-4 hrs/day to start your business ALL ON YOUR OWN?"

Eventually, the idea of improving my life became connected to so much pain of potential sacrifice, loss, and rejection, that it became my worst nightmare. 

I had to either find a solution or continue my life as it was. 

That's when I found out that the secret is not to do as many things as possible. 

It's doing ONE THING AT A TIME, pushing yourself to the limits this very moment. 

A strategy that I called LASER-FOCUS WITH PURPOSE

It's about time you start unlocking the true potential of what your precious time and energy can achieve. 

What Is Laser-Focus Anyway? 

Let me draw a picture for you...

You're standing in a tiny room with 6,200 people in it. 

Each of them is pulling your hand, whispering, or even shouting something in your ear. And NO, you can't walk away from that room. 

You need to resolve only 4 or 5 issues (people) that day, but you have another 6,195 for no good reason.

Now try to be super productive and use 100% of your brain's resource...


This is what we deal with. 

According to a new study from psychologists at Queen's University, the average human has 6,200 thoughts per day. In fact, it's a very conservative number: previous studies indicated from 50,000 to 80,000/day.

Now imagine someone turned off the lights in that room.

All of a sudden, there's total silence. Only one projector is dropping the light on a person as he starts speaking. 

You listen carefully and resolve the issue. 

Then the light moves to the other one... 


Give Purpose To Every Minute Of Your Life.

Get the EXTRA 3+ hrs/day, Reduce Stress, and 
Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals BY DOING LESS.

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Laser Focus with Purpose - The Comprehensive Course

  The whole course with 20+ HD video lessons
  A deep-dive into Focus and how to master it
  Lifetime 24/7 access on any device
  Full transcripts of every video (Value $69)

(Value $1439)

BONUS: The Interactive Companion Workbook

  A digital PDF workbook that contains all the exercises in this course
  An active record of your journey as you transform
  Type into it directly, or print it out if you like writing on it

(Value $99)

BONUS: "Energize" - Daily Mindful Focus Exercise

  A powerful guided 15 minute meditation exercise to enhance your focus
  Bring order to your thoughts and strengthens your focus
  Release stress, restore calm, and refresh your mental energy

(Value $69)


NOW for $345

Explore the Curriculum

Introduction Module

An overview of the 3 Pillars of Focus and how they will be introduced throughout the course.

MODULE 1: Core Values of Focus

The Focus Flow

Understand how focus works and apply practical skills to plan clear focus objectives and milestones.

The Value of Your Time

Gain a new perspective on how to evaluate and measure your time to immediately see why time always seems to be lacking.

MODULE 2: Defeating Distractions

Conquer the biggest enemy of focus by dividing and conquering it with simple but systematic methods.

Fighting Distraction From Within

Discover how to beat internal influences that cause misaligned goals, uncertain priorities, and procrastination traps.

Overcome External Distractions

Master disruptive diversions effectively, such as incoming communication and digital spaces - without having to wall yourself away from the outside world.

MODULE 3: Executing Focus Effectively

Learn simple and specific solutions to take really effective actions that maximize your results and minimize your effort.

Prioritize Like a Pro

Master the art of prioritizing, and learn to how to make consistently accurate decisions that make the best of your limited time and energy.

Focus in Action

Learn effective divide and conquer strategies to tackle different tasks with the highest efficiency.

The Deadline Effect

Discover how to to set strategic deadlines in your plans that ensure sure you're always making progress and getting meaningful things achieved.

MODULE 4: Sharpening Your Mind

Exercise Your Focus Fitness

Take your focus the next level with powerful routines to stay sharp, motivated and at peak mental efficiency.

Laser Focus with Purpose... The Secret to The Golden Touch

Ever wonder how anything that top achievers touch seems to become gold?

It's because they've mastered the art of focus --- to turn every action into high quality.

And it's just the beginning of your amazing Self Empowerment journey.

After that, there's a whole world of incredible ways you can take that momentum to a new level

Laser Focus with Purpose

Get the EXTRA 3+ hrs/day, Reduce Stress, and 
Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals BY DOING LESS.

  24/7 Lifetime Access to Course (Value $1271)
  Printable lessons and worksheets (Value $99)
  Full transcripts of every video (Value $69)
  BONUS: The Interactive Companion Workbook (Value $99)
  BONUS: "Energize" - Daily Mindful Focus Exercise (Value $69)
  Learn on your phone, tablet, or computer at your own pace
  20 day 100% money back guarantee


NOW for $345

Or 2 payments of $199

  100% safe and secure payment
Supports all major credit cards
Meet The New Version Of You After This Course

Here's what you will be able to do in the next few days... 

 Calm the "monkey mind" 
 Concentrate at ANY PLACE, ANY TIME
  Manage your mental energy and keep it at peak effectiveness
  Get a great sleep every night
  Accomplish any project from START to FINISH
  Process a large volume of information and make rational decisions
  Stay motivated with your RESULTS, and not Youtube videos
  Stop sacrificing time for yourself and your family
... and much more. 
What Others Are Saying

The Laser-Focus With Purpose Strategy Is Created By Leon Ho

Leon Ho is the Founder and CEO of Lifehack, which he started in 2005 as a way to share his personal productivity hacks to make life easier. Since then, he has grown Lifehack into one of the most read productivity, health and lifestyle websites in the world - reaching 12 million readers every month.
Leon is widely recognized as a productivity and management expert through his pioneering work at discovering, applying and spreading the secrets of personal success to the world.
Even after over a decade spent at the helm of Lifehack, Leon is still just as passionate about pushing his limits and sharing his knowledge and experience as when he began.
As both inspiration and leader developing this program, he is the mastermind behind this course.
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You basically get to try the WHOLE course RISK FREE

So why am I doing this?

  This is my way of saying thank you for being a valued subscriber and a customer.

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  I want you to get as much out of Lifehack as quickly as possible... so that you can get as excited as I am about all the possibilities you've been missing in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What's the difference between Laser Focus with Purpose and your other courses like Actionable Motivation on Demand and Make it Happen?

Laser Focus with Purpose teaches you the science and art of getting things done with high quality while using your time and energy effectively. 

Actionable Motivation on Demand is a deep dive into motivation as a skill, to give you a comprehensive mastery over the different aspects of it and put them into practice.

Make it Happen is a 3-week action program, where we guide you through daily lessons, exercises and activities to put a goal into action. On the way, you'll adapt some new mindsets, learn some new frameworks, and change some key habits. It's does take some of the core principles from our other courses to combine them into an integrated program.

 Who is this course designed for?

Do you want to take your impact and influence to a whole new level? 
Do you want to achieve way beyond what you can output now without spending more time and energy you don't have?
Do you want to effortlessly get things done with quality and ease?
If any of those questions resonate with you, Laser Focus with Purpose was designed for you. We challenge you to break out of your current ability and become the superhuman version of yourself.

 Will these skills work for me?

This course is the condensed wisdom and knowledge of over a decade of Lifehack. These are practical methods that work in everyday life. And been proven time and again by thousands of readers who've only practiced one skill in this course. Imagine what you can achieve with them all!

 How soon will I start seeing results?

If you really, truly put this training into practice? You can start to see change right away.

Because we're not targeting just one-off change. We're want you to fundamentally change how you think... and that kind of change is lifelong.

 What if I don't get results from this course/program?

Take 20 days to go through this course/program. If you can show us that you've gone through all the training, taken the exercises and applied them in daily life... and if you haven't gotten any type of results --- tell us and we'll give you a full refund.

Laser Focus with Purpose

Get the EXTRA 3+ hrs/day, Reduce Stress, and 
Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals BY DOING LESS.

  24/7 Lifetime Access to Course (Value $1271)
  Printable lessons and worksheets (Value $99)
  Full transcripts of every video (Value $69)
  BONUS: The Interactive Companion Workbook (Value $99)
  BONUS: "Energize" - Daily Mindful Focus Exercise (Value $69)
  Learn on your phone, tablet, or computer at your own pace
  20 day 100% money back guarantee


NOW for $345

Or 2 payments of $199

  100% safe and secure payment
Supports all major credit cards
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Leon Ho

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