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Rise Above The Challenges of 2023

More Life. Less Regret.
Is life just meant to be a struggle between balancing money, work, and family?

Too many people get to the end of their lives and wish they’d done more. They wish they’d spent more time on the things that truly and matter and less on the things that don’t.

But by then, it’s too late to go back and change things.

We want to change that. We’re in the business of no regrets.

And now the world is changing so quickly that keeping ahead is even harder.
What You're Going To Get:
Personalized training, coaching, self-learning, and interactive challenges to help you navigate the challenges and trends of 2023 and beyond, like the rapidly changing AI landscape.

A complete life system to enable busy people like you to get the most from life... in the shortest amount of time through actionable, step-by-step systems that multiply results.

Because life is nothing without the time to live it.
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What All-Access Includes

An evolving library of courses, videos, guides, exercises, digital tools, weekly challenges & interactive workshops.  

Here's the tip of the iceberg:

#1: Time To Act - Procrastination Workshop

Our newest 3-week guided workshop - Value $399
  • Live right now! An all-new workshop​ updated for 2023
  • ​Practical solutions that are easy to understand and practice
  • ​How to leverage AI Tools to help you make breakthroughs
  • ​​Simple actions that fit into your busy life and schedule
  • ​​Flexibility to adjust and adapt to your changing needs
  • ​Structured challenges that gradually build skills and confidence
  • ​Simplify your workflow instead of complicating it
  • ​​Start small but build up to big changes
  • Join like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal
  • ​Personalized guidelines tailored for your individual situation
  • ​Direct help & support from Simon, Leon & our coaching team

#2: The Time Mastery Framework

Our flagship self guided program - Value $599
  • Gain powerful mindsets and shift your expectations vs. reality about time
  • ​Set yourself for success with clear goals and realistic breakdowns
  • Make every day count: Find purpose in your daily routine
  • ​Eliminate distractions and time-killing behaviors that hold you back
  • ​​Escape the busyness trap: Focus on things that truly matter
  • ​Turn your results into long term routines that maintain momentum
  • ​Get a boost: Find a supportive network to help you stay on track
  • ​Make your momentum snowball automatically

#3: Make It Happen

A 39 lesson self guided program - Value $599
  • Uncover hidden thought patterns that drive your procrastination habits
  • Conquer avoidance behaviors and take back control of your life
  • ​Stop the guilt and helplessness and reclaim your self-confidence
  • ​Discover your inner motivation and learn how to ignite it on-demand
  • ​Learn the top 3 goal-killers and how to beat them systematically
  • ​Transform obstacles into lucrative opportunities
  • ​Make your momentum snowball automatically
  • ​Learn the “Energy First” formula
  • ​And much more ...

#4: The Mindful Focus Toolkit

24 audio lessons, exercises and guided sessions  - Value $399
  • A practical toolkit of exercises to reduce stress, gain clarity & energize
  • ​Fast & flexible techniques that work in busy and stressful situations
  • ​De-stress, re-focus, re-energize & make better decisions in a snap
  • Learn how to get into a calm, clear & focused state within seconds
  • ​Enjoy extended sessions for deeper impact that lasts hours
  • Guided training and self practice tools that work anytime, anywhere
  • High quality audio format for hands free listening & maximum flexibility
  • Spatial audio sessions for deep relaxation and rest
  • ​Breathing techniques and training for long term wellness

#5: The Full Life Planner

52-page workbook & planner - Value $99
  • ​LifeHhack's business success formula into your personal focus system
  • ​Set meaningful milestones based on your life missions
  • Develop an ideas process to turn inspiration into actionable projects
  • ​Plan and prioritize like a pro for guaranteed progress
  • Make things happen by designing progress into weekly projects
  • Set practical, achievable targets that get tangible results
  • ​Level up with weekly learning & grow multiple aspects of your life
  • ​Gain daily clarity and get things done effortlessly

... And The Rest Of Our Premium Library

Total Value $1,000+
  • ​Full access to our growing library of courses, workshops and programs
  • ​Actionable Book Summaries of the best curated books
  • Premium Tools, Templates and Tutorials
  • ​Our most popular Digital Handbooks & Workbooks
  • ​CheatSheets, ActionSheets and other downloadable PDF's
  • ​Mindful Audio Exercises and Guided Sessions
  • ​And much more ...

Over 15 Years of Expertise In One Spot

Get full access for just US$45 / month

Even More Things You're Getting

Exclusive Features that Enhance Your Experience and Accelerate Your Progress

Weekly Lessons With Live Support

  • Live interactive conversations with our coaches
  • ​Flexible content to digest (on demand) in your own time
  • ​Video lessons together with live office hours
  • Find and receive support when you need it

Different Styles For Different Needs

  • Precise, bite-sized solutions to get answers fast
  • Deep dive coverage and comprehensive content
  • ​From 3min reads & 10min exercises, to multi-day in-depth workshops
  • ​A content mix that fits a wide range of schedules and learning styles

Questions That Get Answers

  • Just ask when you don't understand or need help
  • ​Specific questions get specific answers from us
  • Request topics that you want more coverage on
  • Helpful & actionable answers that are free from judgement & negativity
  • ​Direct access to Simon & the LifeHack team

Positive Accountability And Support

  • You're never alone in your journey here
  • Get accountability groups, experience sharing, & mutual support
  • ​A focused, curated, positive and distraction-free virtual space

Your Roadmap for Attaining Success

Jumpstart a new way of thinking about achieving goals and living a well-rounded life

Frequently Asked Questions
Got questions? We have answers! We want you to be 100% clear of the success this bundle will help you achieve.
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