Why The Few Succeed But Most Don't

What's Really Stopping You From Making It Happen?

 Learn The Success Formula Top Achievers Use To Act When It Counts

How One Critical Decision Made Lifehack a Global Success

Hindsight is 20-20. Looking back, which decisions completely altered the path of your life?

Mine was 10 years go, when Lifehack's readership was starting to take off. 

But I didn't have enough time to balance between my corporate career and my fledgling start-up anymore.

I was facing a tough decision:

Devote to Lifehack full time, or give it all up

There was no going back!

Traditional "safe" thinking would be to focus on my "stable" corporate career path, right?  Why take the risk?

But deep down I knew what I really wanted. 

I kept delaying my decision for months, "distracting" myself with work, or focusing on things that didn't really matter. 

In the end, both my career and Lifehack started to suffer because of it. I couldn't delay things anymore.

That was almost 10 years ago...

What Would Happen If You 
Act When It Counts Everytime?

But here's the brutal truth.

If you can't get started even now and make things happen... the chances are that you *NEVER WILL*

My "aha" moment came when I realized that: 
I didn't have to wait until I was "ready".

Because life changing opportunities never wait until you're ready.

If you wait until you're totally "ready", you'll never start.

So let me tell you a secret.

The world's top achiever's see things differently. And because of that, THEY ACT DIFFERENTLY

Top achievers can take action when others can't.

And that's the difference between success and mediocrity.

But are they born highly motivated with perfect circumstances? The vast majority are not...

Let me know if you keep asking yourself these questions...

 Why do we procrastinate when we know that something is positive?

 Why do we keep delaying on goals that will make our life meaningful?

 Why do we need to fight an uphill battle in order to make things happen?

Make it Happen

A 3-Week Program to Re-program Your Mind for Action
Learn the Success Formula Behind the World's Top Performers

The 5 Breakthroughs You'll Achieve... 
To Get Where Your Life Should Be

 Breakthrough #1: Break Your Mental Chains

  Break free of the one thing that's holding you back... yourself.
  Root out default thinking patterns that stop you from taking action.
  Create instant change by transforming a few critical daily routines.

 Breakthrough #2: Gain Clarity ... Get Excited

  Learn how to get genuinely excited about your life.
  Spark instant motivation by setting a crystal clear starting roadmap.
  Set goals so concrete and achievable that you can’t wait to get started.

 Breakthrough #3: Act With Multiple Wins

  Stop wasting effort... learn how to make every action count
  Learn the secret behind how top achievers create leverage
  Design simple actions that give you momentum, motivation, and progress all at once 

 Breakthrough #4: Capture Hidden Opportunities

  Learn how to stop being afraid of challenges with a powerful mindset.
  Discover how many missed opportunities pass you by everyday.
  Take critical obstacles and turn them around 180 degrees into achievable opportunities.

 Breakthrough #5: Create Your Own Launch Engine

  Afraid of starting something from zero? You don't have to be.
  Learn how to kickstart anything and get results while you're doing it.
  Create your own personal launch engine that guarantees you'll never be stuck again.


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Get focused with your new daily companion

This essential planner will transform what you learn in this course into real, practical daily progress. It turns the methods into a planning system to get results across not just one, but all your core life aspects.

With the Full Life Planner, you'll be able to:

  Set meaningful milestones based on your life missions
  Develop an ideas process to turn inspiration into actionable projects
  Plan and prioritize like a pro for guaranteed progress
  Gain clarity and get things done effortlessly

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But don't take my word for it, see what other people are saying about the program...

Jane Esman

Aspiring Entrepreneur

I joined the Make It Happen program after finding myself stuck inside due to COVID-19. I've always wanted to launch my own side business, and I thought, if not now, then it's never going to happen.

I'm so glad I joined the program! Not only did I set out a complete plan of action for reaching my goal, but I understand the exact areas I still need to improve upon so I can continue to make progress and set more goals.

This program was the kick in the pants I needed to get started!

Charles Jackson

Engineer (Retired)

It's never too late to start something new - I learned this from the inspiring messages found within Lifehack's emails. The Make It Happen Program was just what I needed to put this mindset into practice.

As a retired engineer, I found myself getting bored with my day to day, as I didn't realize how much my work added to the satisfaction in my life. I joined the Make It Happen program with the goal of starting my next chapter in life. I found the exercises in the program really useful in helping narrow down my goal, and a good reminder of all the strengths I already have to help me succeed. 

Shauna Ferguson

Registered Nurse

Wow, did I ever need this program!

I've had a lifelong journey of weight struggles and never had the right amount of drive to do anything about it... until I came across Make It Happen. What I like most about this program was that it made me stop making excuses and start thinking positively about my potential!

In 3 weeks I went from being terrified of the gym to making it a part of my weekly routine. In this program, mindset is what matters most and Make It Happen gives you the tools you need shift your mindset and make your goal happen.

Frank C. Anthony


I was having a terrible time getting started towards my goal (My North Star). Now I feel confident that with this course I will overcome my stuckness and procrastination and be on my way to creating my God - directed destiny. Thanks Leon, Simon and the whole Lifehack team!

Julia Hopkins

HR Manager

This program was the wake up call I've been waiting for my whole life. I can finally see the light after years of missed opportunities, regrets, and what-ifs. 

If only I had the information in this program 10 years ago, my life would be so different. Don't wait to make your dreams happen!

Danny Franko


Been through countless motivational videos, workshops, and seminars. Most of them are all talk and focus on hype and heat of the moment emotions that wear out soon after. Make it Happen is the only program that's actually practical and works. Points logically laid out, actions that are easy to practice.

If you're like me who's looking for something more that really works in real life then this program is for you.

The Program

In this 3-Week Program, you will start making changes beginning from DAY 1

Within each week, you’ll alternate between learning and application. We’ll share a concept, idea, or method and then have an exercise for you to put it into practice until the end of the next day.

Here's a sneak peak at the journey you're about to take...

Week 1: Break Your Loop

Free yourself from the routines that keep you unconsciously trapped

In Week 1, you're going to break your pattern. You will...

  Liberate yourself from constraining loops that keep you a reduced version of your true self

  Discover the hidden programs that actually drive your life, and how you can shape them to work in your advantage

  Break through your biggest Avoidance Loop and overcome the repeating pattern that stops you in your tracks every time

Week 2: Start Sparking Action

Discover how to generate the energy and drive to take action when it matters

In Week 2, it's time to get your engine running! By the end of this week, you'll...

  Learn the secret behind true confidence and fearlessness, and transform your beliefs of what "possible" or "impossible" really means

  Discover the inner spark inside of you and how to ignite it on demand

  Reprogram how you feel about what really matters and what doesn't. Get your mind back into alignment with your heart

Week 3: Generate Your Launch Momentum

Use the power of momentum to your advantage

In Week 3, you're going to make your launch into something sustainable. You're going to...

  Practice two simple techniques that will make your momentum snowball automatically

  Learn a bulletproof method to break through obstacles that threaten your progress and turn them into opportunities

  Become the creator of your own reality ... the unstoppable version of yourself with the confidence and energy to make it happen *EVERYTIME*


Now for $99

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20-Day Money-back Guarantee

Take 20 full days to go through the whole program. If you don't make any actionable breakthroughs at all, nothing changes and you show me you've practiced the skills - I'll give you a full refund on the program and you'll get all your money back.

You basically get to try the *WHOLE* program RISK FREE

Here is What to Do Now

Now, I know what you're probably thinking.

"I Don't Know How To Take Action (I've Already Tried Everything)"

And that's exactly WHY you need to get the Make it Happen Program

If you knew what to do, you wouldn't be stuck in your loop of inaction. This program will show you exactly how to break this inertia, build momentum, and start getting results you can feel good about.

And if you're afraid that you won't be able to persevere, and that you'll fall back into your loop?

Don't worry, I show you dozens of ways that you can:

By the end of this program you're going to become the creator of your own reality... the unstoppable version of yourself with the confidence and energy to make it happen *EVERYTIME*

All you have to do is decide on this question.

Am I Worth It?

Because if you are... then what are you waiting for!?


 What's the difference between Make it Happen and your other courses like Actionable Motivation on Demand?

Make it Happen is literally a 3-week action program, where we guide you through daily lessons, exercises and activities to put a goal into action. On the way, you'll adapt some new mindsets, learn some new frameworks, and change some key habits. It's does take some of the core principles from our other courses to combine them into an integrated program.

Our other courses, like Actionable Motivation on Demand, deep dive into a specific life skill to gain more complete mastery. For example, Actionable Motivation on Demand teaches you a range of motivation skills such as how to build a motivation sustainable engine, overcome failure, find your North Star, and more.

 Will these skills work for me?

This course is the condensed wisdom and knowledge of over a decade of Lifehack. These are practical methods that work in everyday life. And been proven time and again by thousands of readers who've only practiced one skill in this course. Imagine what you can achieve with them all!

 How soon will I start seeing results?

If you really, truly put this training into practice? You can start to see change right away.

Because we're not targeting just one-off change. We're want you to fundamentally change how you think... and that kind of change is lifelong.

 What if I don't get results from this program?

Take 20 days to go through this program. If you can show us that you've gone through all the training, taken the exercises and applied them in daily life... and if you haven't gotten any type of results --- tell us and we'll give you a full refund.

Make it Happen

A 3-Week Program to Re-program Your Mind for Action
Learn the Success Formula Behind the World's Top Performers

  24/7 Lifetime Access to Course (Value $1511)
  Printable lessons and worksheets (Value $99)
  Full transcripts of every video (Value $69)
  BONUS: The Full Life Planner (Value $49)
  Learn on your phone, tablet, or computer at your own pace
  20 day 100% money back guarantee


Now for $99

  100% safe and secure payment
Supports all major credit cards
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