Supercharge Your Mental Ability with 3 Simple Principles 
In this FREE 30 minute fast-track class you are going to:
  • Learn 3 "super patterns" to instantly grasp a new concept, skill or idea 
  • Save hours of wasted time and energy spent learning using regular methods
  • Gain the real secret "smart" people use to get ahead (it's not a mysterious talent of a select few)

Meet Your Instructor

Simon Lee

About Your Host:

Simon Lee
As Lifehack's chief content architect, Simon has spent over a decade developing the ideas and skills behind the success of thousands of Lifehack readers.
Want to experience how instant change can be?

Simon's specialty is taking complicated topics and making them simple and easy. 

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Hear What Others Have To Say...
Sarah F.
"This class reminds me of all the fun and wonder I used to have as a child. I'm now inspired to challenge myself with what I can really learn and accomplish..."
Jacob A.
"I'm convinced that the examples in this class are exactly how the guy in Limitless learns things so quickly..."
Jennifer P.
"Thank you Lifehack. I've been following many of your articles but this class puts a lot of it into focus. Simple, straightforward and inspiring..."
Not Sure If This Class Is Right For You?
The concept of ‘LEARNING’ is so broad, so let's break it down. 
Are you looking to...
  • Increase your mental capacity to be able to learn things easily
  • Learn and grasp a new skill for a promotion? 
  • Halve the time and effort it takes you to learn a task?
  • ​Broaden your horizons like learning a new language?
  • Improve your memory and get better at remembering people's names?
  • Set goals you want to achieve but have not been able to so far?
  • ​Unleash your untapped mental capacity (like in the movie Limitless?)
If you said "yes" to any of these, then you can't afford to miss this class.
Treat yourself to a session for personal growth
Of focused, quiet time with no distractions
Make it the most valuable 30 mins you've ever spent
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